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Stacey Wood
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Om Namah Shivaya Gurave  Saccidananda Murtaye  Nisprapancaya Shantaya  Niralambaya Tejase

I open my heart to the power of Grace

That lives in us as goodness

That never is absent and radiates peace

And lights the way to transformation


My Story

The Journey

My passion for yoga began long ago behind a bar in Colorado. The benefit of resting one leg in vriksanasa (tree pose) while standing for hours on my feet gave me such relief I began to explore its power on the mat. For me the journey was not a direct path but one I continued to return to. I discovered even more while turning to exercise as a form of pain management following a surgery. Yoga gave me the physical benefits but after a time it was the changes I felt mentally that brought me to Mandy Grant at Juluka Yoga Studio in Hillsdale, New Jersey and received my 200 RYT certification. It was here that my understanding of mindfulness, breath, asana and mediation brought me to a deeper passion and love of this beautiful practice. It is this passion that led me to further my knowledge with Jody Domerstad in the art of yin yoga, levels 1 & 2. I completed a training for Yoga for Trauma and Addiction through Kula for Karma and I am honored to work with this amazing organization that serves the most vulnerable in our community. Years later I continued training completing the 500 hr RYT program studying ancient yogic text, Ayurveda, bhakti and various therapeutic yoga styles. Most recently I've enjoyed a training with Prison Yoga Project focusing on healing trauma and am humbled to be teaching at Hudson County Correctional Facility. I have fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a teacher (yoga) in the special education department of a local school and although our dreams don't always look like we imagined I'm grateful for the way it has turned out! Traveling this path, I have truly come to realize my dharma lies in serving others. To me, teaching is a privilege I take very seriously. A constant student, I continue to educate myself and explore the many paths of this ancient practice so that I may guide others on a knowledgeable and safe journey. 

Whether exploring yoga for the first time or are a seasoned yogi there is space for all. I offer a variety of practices, ideas and suggestions to guide you to achieve and maintain your optimal health. If you are experiencing pain from an injury or simply want to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, I strive to provide you with a nurturing, healing and friendly experience, honoring the light in you just as you are. 

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Meditation is a practice that uses different techniques to focus the mind to achieve a clear and calm mental state.  
Meditation is not easy and requires continual practice and most importantly, patience. 
Modern science is now examining the many health benefits of meditation including psychological, neurological and cardiovascular. Meditation may be used to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain, can decrease blood pressure, lengthens attention span and may even reduce age-related memory loss.

Private or Group Classes

I am happy to offer private or group lessons. The class is tailored to individual needs and abilities. All classes will focus on coordinating the breath with the movement allowing your mind to focus on the feeling of the pose.

SUP Yoga (stand up paddleboard) 



Sometimes you just have to have fun!

Certified SUP from Itswell Yoga and Paddle Board and Yoga Alliance

Experience the poses in a different way and literally float through a flow.

No experience on a paddle board? No problem, all you need is an open mind, a fun brave spirit and a towel. 

Have your own board? Although the season is over I still teach Private SUP Yoga

 Workshops and Retreats


It is my belief that time and money should not be a determining factor in self-care.

I plan weekend retreats that are close enough to home to drive but far enough to getaway. 


Stay  Tuned


Have an upcoming shower, birthday or just want to get away with friends or family, want to plan something different?

Let's work together to create an event you and your guest will remember for a life time.

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“…to restore the mind to peace and free it from confusion and stress,” B.K.S. Iyengar 

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"We do not use the body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into the body"

Bernie Clark

What an honor and privilege it is to pas

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Stacey's guidance and teaching extends well beyond the mat and our weekly session. Lessons connect movements with meaning. providing a purpose to practice. The skills learned transfer to 'real life' helping to focus, understand, relax and let go in our everyday activities. Her ability to describe movement and to give visual cues is unparalleled. Stacey is a gift to all who learn from her energy!

-Joe V

Always great great experience for me in studio class and, recently, via zoom.

Very special! Zina L.

Stacey is a fabulous yoga instructor. She is authentic, honest and fun to do yoga with. I had a blissful time on her most recent yoga retreat. I met some lovely ladies and made special memories I’ll treasure forever. Susan C.S.

Stacey is such a caring teacher. She has taught me more than yoga. She has taught me to believe in myself and that I am capable of more than I know. With Stacey, it is not the pose so much as the journey to the pose. I am grateful for her encouragement and her kind spirit. She is genuine in all that she does. During the pandemic I needed something to latch onto to give me a sense of normalcy. Stacey's yoga classes offered that and much more.   - M.H. 

Stacey has a natural talent for yoga instruction. She cares very deeply for the practice as well as her students. Her class has guided me through difficult times. I am so thankful for her instruction and healing energy.  -Jill V.

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